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Technology for English Language Learners with Alice Mercer


Alice Mercer, my friend and next-door-neighbor from Sac City USD, is starting her session on tech for EL students – and special ed too, starting with her third Grade on Friendship.

Alice’s tips on where to infuse technology:

  • record pair shares and oral responses
  • Use online visual tools (Inspiration)
  • Scan and post student drawings
  • Photograph realia and post
  • Post student writing with voice over and images to support
  • Record Readers Theater
  • Do reports on topics

On to¬† Alice’s take on VoiceThread – like PowerPoint online – Uses VT for front end loading. Concept & Question board. Flickr – sign up for Safe Search parameters + Creative Commons licensing. Teach older students how to do favoring. Select images, right click and save image location. Into menu of VT. Flickr = your own. So use URL, right click and paste to import pictures. be sure to add URL links for credit. Using comment tool, have kids record.

Other tools and suggestions:

  • Anita Archer technique: What would be an example of friendship – or non-friendship.
  • Advanced unit: – Online thesaurus. Has speaker option too.
  • Motivator – makes posters.
  • Start PowerPoint and move into MovieMaker- upgrades PPt because kids write script. Amy Bissonett – Intellectual Properties attorney – helped get permission to transform a Hampton-Brown story. Transformation intellectually by extending the character’s actions via radio show. Transformation = Fair Use.
  • BrainPop – use at beginning or end? Gary Stager upset about BrainPop’s simplicity – but serves as great into our summation.

Lots of well-deserved applause for Alice’s preso:-)

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