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CUE Friday Sessions


Walked away with another round of immediately useful resources and ideas from Friday’s workshops:

iPhone: The Ultimate Teaching Assistant – Lanie McGann provided a great overview of iPhone uses and applications via her presentations and iPhone Education PDF. She ended her session by polling the audience for favorite iPhone apps.  Haven’t had a chance to checkout all of them, but, for a starter, many parents in the audience love Trace.

Film School for Video PodcastersMathew Needleman continues to be my guiding light in resources, strategies, and justification for transforming elementary students into filmmakers. For a glimpse into Mathew’s presentation, teaching style, and multiple talents, checkout his very complete post for this session.

Ten Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Video Clips – Loved Hall Davidson‘s fast-paced, hilarious session. Thanks to a little help from Mathew Needleman, I’ve located the link to Hall’s PDF ( but still can’t get the PowerPoint to load).


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