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Voices on the Gulf

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Over the past few weeks, I’ve watched the lightning-speed evolution of some amazing venues for connecting  students in project-based explorations of the BP oil spill. The combination of Suzie Boss’s PBL Camp (via Edutopia) and Paul Allison’s  Voices on the Gulf site (via the Teachers Teaching Teachers community and the  National Writing Project) has me pretty excited about starting the new school year.

From the the PBL Camp wiki and the Twitter and Elluminate sessions, along with the Teachers Teaching Teachers weekly Skypecasts, and few Google searches, I’ve gleaned some great resources to help jump start classroom discussions, research, and projects on the oil spill:


Videos and Images

Animals on the Gulf


In the News

Starting today, I’ll be putting some time and energy  into  the Voices on the Gulf project. I’ve learned never to say “no” to an invitation to work with Paul Allison, Chris Sloan,  and Kevin Hodgson. Over the past five years, I’ve connected teachers in my district and region to a number of innovative, technology-enhanced NWP projects – always with the same result:  students are empowered by opportunities to connect with students in other locations around issues they genuinely care about.

If you are looking for ways to connect with other teachers and classrooms around specific or general topics, issues, and questions surrounding the oil spill, I encourage you to join the Voices on the Gulf community.  I’ll be working mainly with the  Our Voices (K-6) channel for Voices on the Gulf, and I already know it will rock your students’ worlds because I’m teaming with Kevin Hodgson, whose expertise in teaching the new writing continues to inspire – and push (in a good way) – all who work with him.

And if you have additional oil spill resources to add to those I’ve posted, please jump in with a comment!

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