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June 30, 2010
by blogwalker

Live from ISTE NETS – Day 3 – Teaching ELLS…is there an app for that?

I’m really glad I was able to get into Arturo Guajardo’s Teaching English Language Learners…is there an app for that? BYOL session.

He’s opening with a YouTube video – Funny Surfer Dude – which illustrates his point that ALL students are AELLs – Academic English Language Learners.

Big Ideas

  • Teachers of ELLs should use tech tools to communicate better
  • ELL students should learn not only content but also communication skills (listening, verbal, visual)
  • Teachers and students should publish on the Web (most students do have access).

Audio Apps:

  • AudioBoo – Much more powerful than turn & talk to your partner!  Tends to up the ante for students, knowing their voices will be published. Audioboo works on phones and the Web. Will automatically post to Posterous.
  • Voice Memos App on iPhone – When you’re done sharing, you can email it to Posterous.
  • – > email > Posterous
  • Tips: Use a headset for recording and listening to their recordings. Helps with classroom noise, but also fosters re-doing recordings.

Video Recording Apps:

  • Ustream Live Broadcaster
  • Lumens Lady Bug – Record your lessons so students can watch later. Record button > Save as. Will record on to desktop. You can record to a SD card.  You can then post to Posterous….Have students do demo!  Publish it! Once they’re into the publishing mindset, they’ll work harder. Love this idea:-)
  • Canon Digital elph – Does great stills & video. Takes better still pics.

Drawing Apps:

  • SoundPaper – Problem – audio not synced to drawing.
  • Wacom Bamboo Pen – Lets students draw & explain thinking – into a journal – record into
  •– Set up class account.  Students login and get screen where they can draw & record voice. Best with tablet.

Excellent presentation – applicable cross grade levels and curriculum!

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