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June 8, 2008
by blogwalker

Three New Favorites

I’ve been having a ball this week at EDCOE facilitating some Web 2.0 workshops. Last week’s sessions were on blogging and podcasting. Right now I’m working the agenda and resources for Tuesday’s Tools for Collaborative Writing workshop. Between conversations with EDCOE’s Kate Doyle and emails from NWP colleagues, I’ve discovered three new resources that have made it to my “Three New Favorites” list for the week:

  • Yahoo Avatars – Tons of choices for pulling together an avatar for your blog, wiki, etc., that captures a glimpse into who you are. I haven’t completely read through Yahoo’s Terms of Service document yet, but you are definitely allowed to download your avatar and use it outside of Yahoo. I’m hoping as I read through their agreement, I’ll find it’s ok to photoshop a touch of gray into my new blog avatar’s hair style:-)
  • Race and Me – Collaborative activity from CTAPIV‘s Kathleen Firenze for introducing teachers to wikis. I love the way this activity introduces teachers to the power and possibilities of wikis while promoting some pretty deep thinking at the same time.
  • Information Revolution – I’m familiar with Kansas State University professor of digital ethnology Mike Wesch’s work. For a couple of years I’ve been sharing his The Machine is Us/ing Us video in my Web 2.0 workshops. I’m glad Kate Doyle pointed me to one of his latest videos: The Information Revolution:

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