Muddling through the blogosphere

March 5, 2008
by blogwalker

Twitter Preso at Edubloggercon

twitter.pngI’m at the CUE Conference a day early to attend the Edubloggercon. Sylvia Martinez is up right now doing a session on Twitter. With Twitter, comes a new term “microblogging.” She’s explaing how Twitteriffic works. She’s moved on to Tweet Scan and explaining the API thing, which allows 3rd parties “to suck stuff out of Twitter.” Tweet Scan allows you to search terms, such as your name, to see what Tweets are out there. Good way not to miss Tweets directed to you.

I like Steve Hargadon’s comparison of Twitter to a cocktail party. The participants are starting to chime in with the “presence” of Twitter community, because “there is a conversation going on all the time.” “It’s like being in the break room, not everybody is in there all the time, so no need to take it personally if you don’t get a response, unlike email.” And there’s even a My Tweets Map application…

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