Day in a Sentence – Join the conversation!

Thanks to an invitation from NWP colleague Bonnie Kaplan, I’m hosting this week’s Day in a Sentence. If you’re new to DIAS, a warm welcome! We are an international community of educators that on a weekly basis do some kind of wrap-up of the past week. Often the host of the week will suggest a […]

Year in a Sentence: First email of 2009

Loved starting the New Year with an email from NWP colleague Kevin Hodgson, whose creative energy and projects never cease to amaze and inspire. So what did I love about this morning’s email, my first message of 2009?… An invitation to reflect on my year and share with the DIAS community…. An introduction to a […]

Day in Sentence

What I most value about Web 2.0 are the multiple opportunities to join groups of like-minded colleagues and to craft and continually expand my own personal learning network. The Day in a Sentence community is one of my favorite communities. To begin with, it stems from my friend Kevin, whose enthusiasm, expertise, and sense of […]