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One of my favorite workshops from last summer’s NECC was Rushton Hurley’s hilarious session on video editing. Before leaving the session, I signed up to receive his electronic newsletters. An update arrived in my email yesterday entitled “Educational Video, the fun way.” I’m glad I opened it! I’ve spent the morning exploring links to some wonderful resources:

  • iEARN 2008-2009 International – Here’s Rushton’s introduction: “There are still some slots for those wanting to make a simple video as part of a cool international project.” What a great way for students to share about their own communities – and to be able to learn about other communities – national and international – through a student perspective. Check out the video samples posted to the site, which will serve as great examples to get students started. Note: Registration ends Monday, September 15.
  • Next Vista Learning – Looking for good videos to bring into the classroom? I think you’ll like the cross- curricular clips posted on Rushton’s website. Hey, I actually get the difference between helium and sulphur hexaflouride after watching Scott Merrick’s video!
  • Lit Terms in Modern Media – And for students needing more than a textbook explanation of literary terms, Todd Seal’s site should be helpful. “The idea is not simply to help define the term, but to explain why to use the technique.” Note: Content is appropriate for older students.

And if you’re traveling to San Jose next month to the Innovative Learning Conference, I recommend you check the program from Rushton’s workshops!


  1. Thanks for the mention! If anyone is interested in the video project (, they are welcome to contact me, even if it is past the deadline.

    The Lit Terms collection is strong, though one should note that on that page (not a page), not everything is appropriate for primary and secondary.

    See you at ILC!

  2. I’ll add your warning note on the LitTerms page. Thanks, Rushton. See you at ILC.

  3. Where do you go to sign up for Rushton’s newsletter?

  4. Mathew,try contacting Rushton at If you two don’t know each other yet, I’d say you have a lot in common! Rushton teaches at the high school level, and I’m sure he would love to learn about the work you’re doing with elementary students and teachers – and EETT grants:-)

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