ISTE 2016 Reflection & Takeaways

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I’m back from the ISTE 2016 Conference, somewhat rested, and ready to reflect on and share my top takeaways. For a starter, having futurist Michio Kaku as the opening keynote was a wonderful, energizing kick-off for the 4-day ISTE adventure. Brilliant + hilarious is always a winning combo. Before Michio took the stage, ISTE introduced their new Technology Standards… Continue reading

Roseville 2016 #gafesummit takeaways

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Can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend than attending my 3rd #gafesummit (Google Apps for Education Summit) at beautiful Roseville High School. So many great presenters sharing awesome ideas to extend teaching and learning via Google tools. My takeaways are many. Not just resources and implementation ideas but also engaging, entertaining, and embracing presentation… Continue reading

Common Sense Media + iKeepSafe = Awesome Parent Night

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Last week I had the privilege of representing Common Sense Media at a Parent Night in a neighboring school district. The topic was supporting children in the responsible use of social media.  I was the first speaker and was allotted 15 minutes to introduce parents to the wealth of resources Common Sense Media offers parents, starting… Continue reading

Tule Lake Internment Camp – From first-hand accounts

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I have not yet visited the Tule Lake Segregation Camp (AKA Tule Lake War Relocation Center), but as of Monday, thanks to a text message from Kathleen Watt (Time of Remembrance Co-Director) and a Tweet from Larry Ferlazzo, a trip to this remote area of Northern California is now on my 2016 to-do list. Kathleen and Larry both… Continue reading

Treasure Languages Event: Storytelling in two voices

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“Each language is shining a little torch somewhere. These are treasures for the whole of humankind.”   Nicholas Evans (Language Matters, PBS) I’d like to start this post with a shout out to language researchers Robyn Perry (University of California, Berkeley) and Steven Bird (University of Melbourne, Australia) for the incredible work they are doing through the Aikuma Project to preserve… Continue reading

Veterans Day Question: How can you be a refugee and a soldier at the same time?

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Last weekend I had the privilege of joining Daniel Clune, U.S. Ambassador to Laos, for a Saturday night dinner with 300+ guests (mostly Hmong, Mien, Khmu, and Lao refugees from the Secret War), followed by a less formal, more intimate Sunday brunch. The dinner ignited a conversation and invitation for Sacramento’s Laotian community to give… Continue reading

Fall Cue 2015 – Some awesome takeaways

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Loved the energy, innovation, and conversations shared at last week’s Fall CUE Conference. Definitely two jam-packed days! Below are some of my takeaways: Writing in the Shed – Lisa Nowakowski shared a wonderful resource for English Language Development (ELD) students: The Literacy Shed, a collection of short video animations with no narration. Lisa has her students collaborate… Continue reading

Keynote Speaker Models Digital Citizenship

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On Saturday, technology visionary Rushton Hurley blended educational insights, humor and inspiration in his opening keynote for my district’s September Digital Kids, Digital Classrooms event. Rushton shared a number of thought-provoking tips during his Seeing Ourselves presentation: How to avoid C.I.S. (Comparative Inadequacy Syndrome) by reminding yourself “The only person who you need to compare… Continue reading

“Oh no they didn’t!” – Modeling good digital citizenship

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I blog often about digital citizenship topics. Part of my day job (technology integration specialist for the Elk Grove Unified School District) involves supporting the teaching of digital citizenship across grade levels and subject areas. Beyond the school day, I co-curate the Digital ID Project. Back to my day job. For the past 7 years,… Continue reading