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Movie Making with Skype?…Meet Mr. Alfonso – Part 1


Skype is great tool…but movie making with Skype? Meet Mr. Alfonso, one of my EETT teachers, who I’m guessing can take any technology tool to a new level. His Meet the David Reese Bunch video is but one of a growing bank of samples of how movie making can promote shared learning communities.

A visit to Rudy Alfonso’s classroom blog will provide you with a window into what the act/art of digital composing looks like in his 5th grade classroom.  Forget any stereotypes of Title I teaching (sometimes limited to multiple-choice, lower-level thinking activities); they don’t apply to this classroom.  Based on a recent visit to Mr. Alfonso’s classroom, one of my resolutions for the New Year is to document his students’ year-long learning journeys, including video interviews. I’m pretty sure the end product will be an invaluable resource for other educators who want to provide a 21st century curriculum to their elementary students, but just need some tips and models.

Wouldn’t you love to hear first-hand why Serena, for instance, who has completed her storyboard for her second movie and is now ready to move into production, has decided her first scene will open with the particular ‘Establishing shot” shown in her storyboard?!

At the very minimum, I’m planning to add a monthly update on my digital travels with Mr. Alfonso and his class.  I hope you’ll join me – and contribute to the conversation with links to what new technologies look like when they get legs and walk beyond workshops and into your classrooms.


  1. Thanks for coming to our school and I hope you’ll come next time when were in 6th grade.

  2. Dear,Mrs.Gail

    Thank you for coming to our class.I felt happy because an expert on movie making came to our class to provid us on more ways to make movies. When you visited I felt kind of nervous because an expert was coming to our class. I feels nice that someone complimented us on our skills of making movies.

  3. Thank you Ms.Gail! It is very nice of you to link our blog to your blog.

  4. Dear ms. Gail,
    Thank you so much for putting our blogs within your blog, so more people could watch it. We’re very happy because how people from around the world are checking out our blog. And again thank you very much for the hard work you did.

  5. Thank You Mrs.Gail for commenting on our movie,and watching our movie.We like that you to visit us and teach us the things that we don’t know. THANK YOU!

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