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Next Stop…20th Century


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How do we bring administrators on board with 21st century possibilities for teaching and learning?

This question has been on my mind since Wednesday, when a colleague shared with me that her principal came to her classroom while she was embarking on a movie making project with her class.  In front of the students, he asked her to explain what standards she was addressing and to justify how filmmaking fit into the 4th grade curriculum.

She called me to ask what resources she might share to help him understand the rationale for filmmaking and other forms of digital composing as part of the core curriculum.

Here are my recommendations:

Technology integration in general:

Movie making in particular:

How are you helping administrators bypass all those 20th century bus stops and keep moving forward? I invite you share any resources you think might help this wonderful, wonderful teacher help her principal!

longer distinguish between literacy in general and technology literacy in particular


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