Shift Happens

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the Edublogger community. As as veteran Edublogger (my first EB post was in March 2006), I’ve have been through a few upgrades and therefore know that when EB returns, it’s even better than before. I’m thinking back to June of 2007, when there was a two-weekwindow of […]

Happy 10th Birthday to Blogging!

Four days ago, I clicked on a link in an email from Steve Hargadon, via Classroom 2.0, with an invitation to celebrate blogging’s 10th birthday by posting a Voice Thread. “Some of us believe that blogging, as one of the great entry points into ‘read/write’ web (or “Web 2.0″), is having a transformative impact on […]

Edublogs Resources – Keep ‘um coming!

Thanks to Kevin H’s post, I found Mike Temple’s very useful site on Edublog Tutorials. He has great beginning how-to video tutorials, but also advanced (for me) user tips on customizing your sidebar and adding all kinds of snazzy widgets. As an added bonus, you can follow along his discussion with my Sacto neighbor Alice […]

Showing Web 2.0

During a recent workshop on Internet safety, I attempted to provide teachers with classroom-related examples of Web 2.0 use. It might have been more information than they needed since they arrived expecting to hear about iSafety, not student projects. As I rethink the workshop agenda, I’m collecting sample videos to provide quick – and maybe […]